Hello, dear readers,

Thank you so much for sticking with me and my writing these last couple of years. But I am moving on and expanding. As with anything else in life, we must grow and evolve. So I have finally created my website on Wix: http://sstevenswriter.wix.com/writer and made a twitter account. Please come and visit me at my website and read my new blog.

I had hoped to wait until I graduated until I got rid of this blog, but life has a way of negating our plans. Am I still a writing noob? Absolutely!!! Have I come a long way and learned tons about writing, self-marketing, and myself? Most definitely!!!! I will miss this blog, but I look forward to filling my new blog with lots of thoughts, opinions, and announcements. I will also be featuring interviews with indie musicians and promoting music and events that I come across. Hopefully some day soon I also be able to promote and write about not-for-profit organizations and companies.

It is tough growing out of my first blog. Perhaps the first indicator that it was time to move on and that I was growing up was when I joined a professional guild. It made me giggle to think that only 5 years previously "a guild" meant belonging to a group of fellow video game players in a MMO. Unfortunately, I don't think my new real-life guild will be doing dungeon raids or helping me build armour. They do offer mentorships and worker advocacy, so I suppose in the grand scheme of things, an in-game and real-life guild are similar in that they both help their members grow and are willing to defend them if need be. Huh!!!

Anyways, time to move on. I still have tons of school work to do. Now I have to arrange my days to include both self-promotion and work, and still find time to study. But at least now I love what I do, where I am going with it, and that I can work and study from wherever the wind takes me. Isn't life funny....?