The first day experiment

  So while this is technically not my first day of writing, this is my first day at blogging.  I decided that an online journal would be a great way to keep me personally motivated.  I plan on writing at the end of every "work" day to document my progress of the day.  This is just one of those things that I want to toss into the universe and see what flies back.
  At this moment I am not hired to do any freelance work so it gives me time to work on my book and my portfolio.  I am on vacation from my full time job at the moment till mid month.  I just want to get a feel for what my life would be like if I wrote full time.  And so far it feels great.  My brain is engaged and buzzing with thought.  At 8 am that is a feat for me.  I have drank my coffee, got my dogs up, checked my email and any freelance job updates.  Music is blasting in my ear and apart from being a little hungry, I'm ready to go.
  To date I have only done one freelance job and it's a great start, considering I only started on this path in September.  I find that while I apply for job after job, the fact that I have no university/college or experience is a bit of a hindrance.  Still it won't stop me.  I will apply for jobs that range from web content to article writing.  My goal is to eventually just be able to focus on creative writing but I also realize that, like any other artist, I need to be flexible and able to write in many styles and formats.  University is also a goal of mine.  I'd be very proud to have a BA in English and it will come in time.
  So for the rest of this morning I am going to work on my portfolio and if I'm not totally brain dead come lunch maybe some book writing this afternoon.  My book is the project that I am truly excited about, but until I have more progress on it, I am keeping it very hush hush ;)
  Have a fantastic day readers and keep your pens at the ready.
© 2012 S. Stevens


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