Goofing off today :)

  So today was a bust thanks to many tasty beers last night into the wee hours of the morning.  Thank god for coffee and greasy food!  Still I had many wonderful ideas last night about writing topics and had every intent on making them into blogs, but I think they would be more appropriate as online articles.  I'll keep you abreast on my progress with that.
  No replies to any job bids yet today, although I did just place one more proposal on a new job.  So lets keep our fingers crossed.  I just hope that I don't get awarded multiple projects all at once with a one week deadline on each.  That could be a little intense.  But then again that is what coffee is for.
  The progress on my book yesterday still has my head abuzz with where I want to take it.  I am finding it challenging to write multiple characters, each with distinctive personalities and still focusing on the descriptiveness of the environments.  My book is going to easily be 500 pages long at this rate.  Big talk considering I'm only on page 7 with almost 4000 words.  I still haven't made much plot progress nor really gotten into the history of each character but the setting that I chose and being able to write down exactly what I see in my head is amazing.  Once my first draft is complete it is going to be hard to go back and self edit.  But that is years away yet.
  Well with miserable weather outside and a still slightly fuzzy head, I think it is time for some video games.  Hope everyone finds one creative thing to do today and keep your pens at the ready.
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