A slightly old fashioned view

So my blog isn't getting updated on a regular basis, but such is life.  It's summer, my garden is calling, getting out and running occupies my mind and everything indoors falls behind.  Being outdoors allows me to think clearly without the distractions that inside presents.
My thoughts lately have been slightly anti-institutional.  It's sad that your professional and intellectual value is measured by whether or not you hold a degree or a piece of paper that says that you know something.  Great knowledge is no longer passed down from generation to generation in a one on one setting.  There is no longer learning as you go in a field of work.  Instead people are stuffed into a classroom and lectured with maybe some hands on work tossed in there.  I admire people that attend a higher learning school but there has to be a better way.  Maybe my thoughts are a little old fashioned.  I think of days when blacksmiths taught their apprentices, cooks learned as they went, and healers spent a life time learning and relearning their skill, and everything was taught one on one.  I guess now it's just in a more formal setting.  I guess that what I'm trying to say is that knowledge can be gained in any form, and why should people be looked down on because they don't hold a degree?  If knowledge and talent is there, doesn't that equate for something?
I apologize if my view seems slightly jaded or deemed wrong.  I know my writing needs work, so does my art and design, but what I learn on my own will never be deemed good or professional until I go to school, no matter how good it is.  Doesn't that seem wrong to anyone else?
Now on to lighter thoughts.  A fan mentioned cupcakes a moment ago, so here you go!!!

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