Well job #2 finished.  I was very happy with how it turned out and that I completed it so quickly.  Now to apply to some more jobs and see what happens.  Just a question, if you apply to someone through email and they want to talk out the finer details over the phone, is it polite to request to only communicate through email?  That is what I did today and not too sure how it's going to turn out.  Once I get more of a client base then I may allow phone conversations, but at this point I am a little hesitant to give out my home phone to someone on the internet.  That is just my thought.
  Tomorrow is Sunday and I hope to get more written for my book.  That is unless I get lazy, play video games and prepare for the work week.  Back to reality and a full time job.  Bye bye vacation.  But even though I'll spend my days away from home my mind will never be far from my writing and my pen will always be at the ready.
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  So the past couple of days I have been working on the freelance job that I am currently doing.  It is a product description and it is challenging me to learn how to write more in a sales aspect.  Thankfully my employer is being very patient and helpful in teaching me.  Even sent me some fantastic links to websites that outline how to put some pizzazz into product description.  I am really enjoying it.
  I also put bids on a couple of jobs that I am really hoping to get because I am very excited about them.  Wait and see.
  My full time job has kept me rather busy the last couple of days so there has not been much progress on my book.  But that will come in time.
  Well readers, this will be a short post today.  Time to get back to work and enjoy the rest of my day.  And just in case an idea strikes me I'll always keep my pen at the ready. ;)
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I got to writing in my blog tonight much later than I had planned. Everything today seemed to take much longer than I had intended. But I still got to it and that's what is important to me. Sitting at my laptop, in my pajamas and quickly jotting down my day.
So today I was awarded my second contract. I am super excited about it and it definitely made my day. It's for fixing up a product description for a camera store based in South Carolina. I am glad that I am dong this and taking chances in bidding for jobs.
I never would have imagined embarking on this path of becoming a writer. This time last year, if someone told me that my greatest joys of the day would be bidding competitively on writing contracts and spending my evenings writing in a blog and working slowly on a book, I probably would've told them to stop smoking pot. But it's amazing how an idea out of the blue and taking a rare chance can lead to so much enjoyment. I always enjoyed writing as a child but never thought that I would be even slightly good enough to do it as a profession. But it hit me that as long there is some talent, no matter how raw, schooling and practice will make it good enough to be suitable for a profession. And that is the future that I am looking forward too.
Well, readers, it's late and I need to go relax. One more thing though. My blog is a little one sided and I would like to generate some discussion. So as a start and an attempt at getting to know my readers, I would like to know what your number one passion is. What gets your mind racing and excited? Leave your thoughts in the comments box. Can't wait to get to know you all more.
Keep your pens at the ready, friends. And have a lovely night.
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  Not an overly progressive day on the writing front.  I began approaching freelance writing as a business and learned a lot today about copyrights, taxes and how to be professional even at the beginners stage.  Still that isn't what made my day today particularly revolutionary.  It was a small bit of wisdom from a movie.
  If you have never seen "It's a funny story" watch it.  It was a story that seemed like my own.  A story about someone that struggled with life's everyday pressures and expectations and found their way in the end by following a path that had never occurred to them before nor did they think that they would find themselves on.  I don't want to give to much of the movie away for you, but needless to say, I'm glad that I watched it.  And as a story like that touched me, as many stories have before, it reminded me why I want to become a writer.  So that somewhere down the road, someone that I've never even met, will read something that I have written and will be touched by some small bit of wisdom.  And maybe they will share that wisdom with someone they love.
  Ok so it was a pretty sappy day.  Either way readers, good luck on your search for wisdom and keep your pens at the ready.

© 2012 S. Stevens

  The morning went well.  Nothing like starting off the day with some Yoga before you write.  I now have a prologue, chapter 1 and now a bit of chapter 2 for my book.  I am having a blast writing it.  It's unfortunate that I can only write about 2 hours a time but that is still around 1000+ words.  The story isn't overly intricate but with so many characters to introduce and establish, that in itself is a large project.
  My afternoon comprised of my other creative addiction... Minecraft.  A virtually limitless game of creation and a perfect place to loose myself in when my brain is fried.  My underwater lair will soon be complete. :)
  But other than that folks, I'm hoping for some more writing time tomorrow.  Having a lovely evening with your pens at the ready.
© 2012 S. Stevens
  Well I started off the day by creating my own logo.  It's on my profile here if you want to take a look.  From there I bid on a couple more contracts and hoped for the best.  Again I am finding it hard not to get discouraged but the more I try the better off I'll be.
  Tomorrow is going to be a great day of writing.  I have one more week off and other than the occasional errand, I'm pretty much free to write.
  I am having fun keeping up the blog.  Sending my thoughts out into the universe and seeing what comes back.  It's fulfilling in a way.
  So seeing how it was another quiet day, I'll leave this post short and sweet.  Have a great Sunday evening everyone and keep your pens at the ready. :)
© 2012 S. Stevens