Well after a very hectic week, I am happy to be able to sit down to write.  This week I faced a number of ideas and notions.  I also got some great advice.  That person helped me realize that I have been focusing too much on the bids and jobs that I don't get.  In truth, even though I've only had 2 paying freelance jobs, I'm a successful writer.  What is my perceived failure to that?  Considering that I have a full time job and a life to manage, I am still finding time to indulge my passion.  I owe my advisee a great deal.
  I am getting more and more excited about going to school next year.  That is September 2013, providing I get in.  Fingers crossed.  I think that a double major of a BA in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Journalism.  I can't wait to be back in school.
  Well, dear readers, I wish that I had more to report and I am sure there is more that I am forgetting, but for now, have a fantastic rest of your Saturday.
© 2012 S. Stevens
  Well job well done on my last contract.  I got an amazing review and lucky to have a patient employer.  I was ecstatic to make my first $100.  It will go to good use.
  Tomorrow I'm back to my full time job, but I will still do as much writing as I can.
  Do any of you, readers, enjoying writing?  Or any other art forms?