Well I have officially gone brain dead.  I've been racking my brain trying to find ways to expand on my portfolio.  I would prefer to have actual work to include in my portfolio instead of works that I write just for fun and practice.  Having a full time job restricts a lot of what I can do.  So until next year I think I will continue to pursue a few freelance jobs.
  Which brings me to my next point.  Even with freelance jobs I am competing against published authors with BAs and MAs and credentials up the wazoo.  That's hard to compete against.
  Well no point spending my weekend stressing about it.  Time to play some Skyrim :D
  Have a great weekend everyone.
© 2012 S. Stevens
  I DID IT!!!  I finally grew out of Odesk.  Sure it was a free web page but I only ever got one job on there, had to compete again 50+ people, and they took a cut of the money that I made.  I was a great starting platform but I think that I am better than $1/hour article writer.  So now I'm closed my account and I will concentrate more on iFreelance and a couple of bigger jobs.
  Other than that just waiting on news of a couple of jobs and will work on some story ideas where I can.  Have a great evening.
© 2012 S. Stevens
The highlight of my day today was going onto a web page and seeing something that I had written.  It was so astounding that something that I had created was now out in the world, on it’s own, influencing people.  I’m so proud (sheds a tear).  What blew me away more was that I am still picking up mistakes.  Still learning from what I write.  Just small grammar mistakes that elude me sometimes.  Although rereading my blog, my grammar isn’t that great.  I’ll claim ignorance till I finish university.  Either way here is the link: http://www.bargain-camera.com/store/ProAm-7-On-Camera-Crane-LCD-Monitor-Kit.html .  It was a great experience and I was lucky to have such patient employers as I learned about Google Adwords and SEO.
  Well other than bidding on a couple more jobs it was a relatively quiet day on the writing front.  I hope to be working at something soon.  But in the meantime there is a ton of short stories, poems and blog entries buzzing around in my head.
  Take care, Dear Readers.
© 2012 S. Stevens
  Getting started at freelance writing is a lot more difficult than I ever could have envisioned.  I decided on this path because I recently discovered that a regular 9-5 type of job wasn’t for me.  I love the idea of having the freedom to choose my route in my career.  Still seeing how cut throat and bloated the world of writing is, can be a little discouraging.  Thanks to the internet anyone can claim that they are a writer if all they do is 50 articles a day for $1.  What happened to the image of a writer?  I have this romantic idea of being a half starved, eccentric writer pounding out story after story on a typewriter in an old and draftee apartment.  Maybe it’s not appealing for everyone but it’s heaven for me.  Ok perhaps my fantasy needs an update.  I can imagine sitting at my Wal-Mart special press board desk, my Mac overheating from being on for so long and my dog tirelessly squeaking his toy in my ear.  Oh and I wouldn’t be half starved because I’d spend the days nibbling on Swedish Berries.  Ok I will really need to find full time work after university.  Otherwise I’ll be 300lbs from all of the Swedish Berries.
  What is nice about this new discovery is that I won’t have to endure all of these hard lessons after I’m done my schooling.  As one article stated “you can’t be a freelance writer if you never write”.  Keep my chin up, bid on jobs and just write when I can, where I can is what I need to do.  I still have yet to find my niche to write an article for a magazine but that will come in time.  I just need to find a magazine that caters to Jack-of-all-trades.  Then I’d be set.
  Have a great evening readers.
© 2012 S. Stevens
Ok so my writing has fallen by the wayside for now. Well my book at least. I am trying to update my blog as much as I can to sharpen my skills and keep up the practice. And as always I am tirelessly applying for freelance jobs. This bidding and competing business is addictive. Never knowing what each job will bring, it's exciting.
Oh did I mention that I'm posting this from my iPhone? Please bare with me if there are any grammar or horrible spelling mistakes. I'm in a car, struggling to keep focused while waiting for my husband to finish work. Did I also mention that I can see snowflakes? Don't worry I'm not driving! Could you imagine? Getting pulled over by a cop and explaining that there are no laws against blogging while driving :). That wouldn't be pretty.
But I digress. Wow what a random rant. See how slow things have been lately. I can't wait to have the time to go back to working on my book. Ok trying to type on a very tiny screen is getting really frustrating. I will bid you adue, dear readers.

© 2012 S. Stevens