Ok so I've been goofing off so far this weekend.  It is really needed.  I feel like I haven't stopped doing...anything....in weeks.  I did, however, get an email back from Reliable Writers.  I was put on their list of writers so now I just wait till they assign me a project.  Still no freelance work but I'm not too stressed about it.
  Hopefully I have more to write about in the next couple of days.  But for now its pizza, beer and Skyrim for me.  Have a great weekend, everyone.
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  One loyal friend and fan looked up "corperateness" for me and bluntly pointed out that not only had I not looked enough I also misspelled.  My apologizes, not only is my grammar horrible but my spelling isn't doing so well either.  It is spelled "corporateness" and now I know, even though I hope to God that I never have to use that word again.
  Well my applications to Demand Studios and Skyword (I applied to them ages ago) were both rejected recently.  A little upsetting but it's just making me more determined.  Still no freelance work at the moment either.  MUST NOT WHINE ABOUT LACK OF EMPLOYMENT!!!!  Sigh.  This freelance writing is very tough.  More so than I would've expected when I began all of this.  As I've said in the past I'm caught in a vicious cycle of too little experience.  And it goes on from there.
  I also want to point out the purpose of my blog.  I began writing this for writing experience and to have some semblance of a publish article.  I did not start it to impress anyone, try to be funny nor as a fleeting pass time.  I am very appreciative of my loyal fans, you all mean the world to me and I'd be no where without your encouragement.  And for people that may pop in once in awhile and turn up their noses to the thoughts in my head, leave a comment.  Please, I welcome it. :)
  Thanks again, everyone.  Have a great rest of your Friday.
  So this post comes alittle earlier then most that I've done.  I just have alot to say this morning and I don't want to forget it over the course of the day.
  First, I think my full time job is killing my vocabulary.  I am often required to write performance reviews but they are required to be worded in such a vague way that they are left up to interpretation.  Either way I find myself lately trying to think of a word to use and all I can think of is the twisted words that I am so used to writing.  I'm pretty sure most of them aren't even in a dictionary.  Last night I had to look up corperateness because I was almost positive that it is not a word.  I could be wrong but I had no luck finding it.  But I still had to write it, twitching as I pressed "Ignore" on the spell check.
  Secondly, I have yet to hear back from Demand Studios about a writing position.  Although I am greatful that they are so stringent with their applicants.  I also applied to Reliable Writers last night.  We will see what comes from that.  Had some bids expire last night but no word yet on who they were rewarded to.
  Lastly, for this morning's rant, I am looking for some small distance learning course to take.  I think I may have found one on internet writing but I was hoping to find more.  Most are grossly over priced or not what I'm looking for.  If anyone happens to know any good distance learning schools, that aren't $500 a course, please let me know.
  Well that is about all for my morning rant.  I am slightly awake now.  Maybe I should write in the mornings as well.  I kickstarts my brain that's for sure.  Have a great day, dear readers.
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  Again another quiet day in the world of writing.  Well mine anyways.  I bid on a couple more jobs and hope for the best.  Even if all I do is this blog every day then that's ok with me.  It is still practice.
  So the blog was deemed not eligible by Demand Studios so I applied there as an article writer as well.  I figured that I'd give it a shot.
  Well I got some work to do.  See you later, readers.
© 2012 S. Stevens
  Ok so today I found myself cursing another author for winning a bid.  Both of us bid on similar projects and she usually wins.  Why?  Because she, unlike myself, has an incredible amount of accomplishments in the writing field.  I even thought of assigning the label of arch-nemisis to this person.  However, I realized that that would be incrediblly immature and instead of thought of an alternative.  Perhaps she is suffering, like us all, from the world wide economic downturn.  Maybe she needs all of these freelance jobs to take care of her family.  Who knows.
  Now that did quell my fury towards another writer, but I'm still miffed that I didn't get the job.  But there are some more on their way and maybe my lack of contracts is a sign that a large, future project is on it's way.  I still want to give this website a chance and I have already paid for my year subscription.  It would be nice to be able to turn a profit though.
  On to another new development.  I applied this blog to Demand Studios.  I've read alot of good and bad points about this site but I'll never know till I try.  As anything we do in life, we are our own best judges.  Unless, of course, you are lucky enough to have the company of an extremly wise person in your life.  I have one of those and I would be no where without his wisdom.  I even would've given up on this path long ago.
  Well that's about it for now.  I'll keep you posted on any news and developments.
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  Well I learned one important lesson this weekend.  When you are signed up to a freelancing website ensure that you also checked the auto renew box for your subscription.  Yeah not one of my brightest moments.  Lesson learned.
  I got some writing done this weekend.  I helped someone with an essay and it was great practice for dictation.  I also had to remember how to write an essay.  It has been awhile since I had to write them for school.
  I finally finished my resume today and am looking forward to applying for a couple of jobs.  Yes it was a no work weekend for me.  Which most people would be excited about, but I've learned that to get started in writing I have to be willing to be available at all times.
  I have some information on an up and coming website for yours truly.  The person building it for me is an outstanding individual and I appreciate her help in this endeavor.  Lord knows that if it was left to me it would be a horrible mess and result in me either hating the internet forever or going the easy route and just getting a downloadable template.  I like computers but they are not my forte.  But look for more updated information on that.
  My book as fell by the wayside as I have been seduced by business-like writing.  I've decided that I enjoy fields like web content, product descriptions, press release and so forth.  I look forward to getting more proficient in that area.
  Well, dear readers, I need food and my dog is demanding attention.  Look forward to updating you all tomorrow.
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