Yes I have been slacking. I've been so preoccupied with my business venture that writing has fallen behind. At least for now. Still waiting to hear about a freelance job. I'll have a ton more to write tomorrow but for now this is it. See you all tomorrow.
  I should buy a lottery ticket!  I have had amazing luck lately and startling moments of clarity.  I spent the day refining my business plan and even though tax laws still have me banging my head against the wall, I sort of understand them.  And according to the laws, I am currently running my own business.  It was a huge relief moment when I realized that.  I still have a long way to go to become self-sufficient, but everyone starts somewhere.
  In the next couple of months I will be announcing my official business and getting it off the ground.  It may not be a total feasible business venture, but I will make it work.  I think that there is a need that gets overlooked or is grossly over-priced.  Just a hint.
  Oh and I also got a freelance job today.  I learned today that it pays to follow up.  After all, it's not nagging if it leads to a mutual benefit (feel free to use that).  So we will see where that leads.
  With that, I'm off.  Time to get home, eat chicken burgers and play some video games.  After a day of learning and brain storming, I'm exhausted.
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  Evolution is an amazing thing.  Whether it's the evolution of an animal, idea or business.  When I started on this writing venture I never thought that I would feel so confident in an idea.  For years I struggled trying to think what I want to do with my life.  Now I spend most of my days working on a business plan, refining my ideas and looking 10 years into the future.  I'm not sure that my business plan will ever make me a ton of money but that's alright.  I love writing and if I can help other people with it, then it makes it that much better.  My determination is my inspiration.
  I don't want to give away the details of my plan just yet.  Once I get something a little more established, well, wait and see.  The first step is going to be a webpage then it'll be on to some advertising.  So stay tuned.
© 2012 S. Stevens
  Learning the name and definition of something that you are already doing, and enjoy doing, can be liberating.  Today after much Googling, I came across an article that described various forms of freelance writing.  I discovered that what I have been doing is actually called media relations.  Now I would feel like a total dumb ass if someone comments, telling me how they heard about it years ago.  Remember I'm new to this.
  Anyways, I Googled further.  Media relations encompasses product descriptions, press releases, web content, and so on and so forth.  The required skills are ones that I already possess.  Actually finding a niche where they are applicable is amazing.  And the best part is that I still get to be somewhat creative in my writing.
  So without further delay, I declare my niche.  FREELANCE MEDIA RELATIONS!!!!  And yes I still need to go to school for it.  But the two (SIGH) freelance jobs that I have already completed fall under that category.  Yippee I have experience. :)  Now I must update my logo, resume, ifreelance profile, etc..
  I hope everyone enjoys what is left of their Monday.  I usually hate them but this one turned out to be pretty good.
© 2012 S. Stevens