Well this last week has been pretty good.  I was ill for awhile but it gave me time to think and brainstorm and come up with more story ideas.  I really need time to sit down and begin writing these out.  The first story I started I still want to work on and have my ideas in place.  I just need time.  At least I've never been unfortunate enough to experience writers block.  The ideas just keep coming and coming, but one day I'll get to writing them all down.  I just need one year or so to do nothing else other than write.  Slaving away in a drafty old room, the constant clack of a typewriter, wearing old ratty clothes and sipping away at a coffee that lost it's heat hours ago, at least thats how being a writer looks like in my mind.  A slightly romantic ideal and none of those are true for me right now.
  Applied to a couple of jobs today so we'll see how that goes.  I do love the thrill of applying to writing jobs, checking my email twenty times a day to see if I got hired.  Then once I get hired, putting all of my focus and brain power into that job, loving every second of it.
  Well, dear readers, it's time for some lunch and perhaps take a stab at my latest creative inklings.
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