Good morning, everyone.  Or good afternoon, good evening and good night.  There everyones covered. :)
  It's been a particularly productive couple of days.  I reactivated my ifreelance account and have much hope for it.  Canceling my account was, in a way, giving up and that I can not allow.  So I'm not going to let it get to me if I don't get any contracts and I'm not going to get overly excited when I do.  Ok well maybe just a bit.  Either way, I never should have let my writing fall so far into the back of my mind.  I even picked up my violin yesterday, albeit it's extremely out of tune and a couple of the strings have stretched, so it's in need of some TLC.  And off to the music store.  I knitted for about three hours last night, working furiously on a scarf that I want to finish for christmas.  I guess my point being that I allowed myself to be bored for far to long.  I missed my writing, violin and knitting...although when the world grew quiet they were always there trying to creep back into the forefront of my thoughts.
  And with that I finish my morning coffee and waking up.  And so, dear readers, good day, good evening, and good night.
© 2012 S. Stevens
  Hello, dear readers.  Things have been pretty quiet on all fronts.  My business is going well and even progressing, albeit slowly.  But slow progress is better than none.  I recently finished an online course which kept me busy for awhile.  But with vacation coming soon I find it hard to sit still and commit my thoughts to anything overly creative.  So hopefully I manage some time while on vacation to write, even if I get struck by a muse and commit to writing down some poetry.
  On that note, I must end this entry.  I find my attention is being drawn away once again.
© 2012 S. Stevens