Hello, everyone.  Well so far since I've been on break, I've been busier than ever.  I shouldn't complain cause I'm sure in a couple of months I'll be twiddling my thumbs and itching to do some freelance work.  I did find this time off helpful though.  I was able to focus on how I want to make a living writing and how to go about doing it.  Again as always, I need to get my BA finished, then from there some more coursing, mentorships and internships.  It'll be a long road, but I'm excited that I feel like this is such a right fit and the path before me is friendly.  Apart from doing freelance everything, I want to work towards becoming a publishing editor.  Or an editor for anything really, but I dream to be in publishing.

It is funny that my birthday is in a few days and it dawns on me that I never thought I'd figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I've always felt lost and pressured to find out what I was good at.  Just like most things, I was looking to hard and couldn't see what was in front of me all along.  Funny how that works out.  It is funny though that my appearance finally matches the career or life style that I want.  I have frazzled, dark hair, mis-matched clothes and am slightly tattooed.  Granted I realize I sound like a crazy person or a hobo, but I am happy with how I look.  I never thought I'd say that, but I do.  And I know I'm not the most talented and I often put the cart before the horse, but I love being creative either with words or art.  And on that note, today I am going to share one of my digital art pictures that I love doing.  This one is by far my favourite.  Thanks for reading, everyone.  Bless you all.
© 2012 S. Stevens