Funny how when you are on a professional break, your dream jobs start popping up.  One is a little to demanding, for the time being, but the other is relatively stress free and will help me expand my portfolio some more.  So I'll ponder the idea some more and decide whether or not I want to apply.  I am leaning towards not applying, but it is nice to know the jobs I'm looking for are out there.  Now lets see if there are equally as good jobs in January.
But other than humming and ahhing over recent job posts, I have made great use of my time recently.  I learned how to loom beads and have made a lovely couple of bracelets.  I helped out a family member by making a logo for her work's fundraiser, a job that I was excited to do and happily did for free.  I also spent most of my time working on a design for myself to submit to a contest, but something from scratch is proving to be more challenging than I initially had thought.  I think that I'm over thinking the whole thing and am waiting for my muse to grant me with a worthy idea.
I'm adding another pic today.  It's another from my archives, but is an indicator of the weather today.  On that note, my grumbling stomach is demanding lunch, and one can not come up with a revolutionary idea on an empty stomach.  See you all next week.

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