How many people out there are living and working at their passion?  How many times, when the going got tough, did you want to quit or give up?  These questions, among many, have been on my mind lately.  I knew when I picked writing as a career that it wouldn't be easy, and in the past, I've often gave up on things when the going got tough.  When I decided to take a couple months off from freelance work it was for health reasons, but then I found myself feeling like I wasn't progressing or going anywhere.  It seemed a catch 22.  I love writing and freelance work and I'm good at it.  Did I perhaps quit when the going got tough once again?  Part of me wants to say yes I did, but on the other side, I was able to focus on where I want to take my writing career, and improve my thought and creative processes.  I will never give up on this career, and taking a break has allowed me to reenergize, and I will not give up on my down time either.  I promised myself that I'd take a break till the new year, no applying to jobs, no stressing over not going anywhere, no stressing about starting school.  I've been able to effectively focus on more important things in life over the last month.  I hated the down feeling I was having, feeling like my life has been on hold.  I was unable to start school when I had wanted, but being patient will pay off in the end.
I have been practicing my writing.  I'm actually working on greeting card poems, as well as a variety of other projects.  I've actually even been able to finish a couple of projects that have been collecting dust for a number of years, which is something that I tend to do as I tend to be a little flighty at times.  This focus and dedication that I have grown into, is a welcome change.
Also, a new addition to my site.  I wanted to showcase some of my art, but I didn't want to do it on Facebook or get a deviant art account, so I figured I would showcase my art on here.  Combine one of my passions with another.  Feel free to take a look and leave any comments.  I will update it as I create new and wonderful pictures.
© 2012 S. Stevens