Hey all.  It's been a couple of hectic weeks.  Life has a way of hitting you all at once and fast.  From good news to bad news, it all happened at once.  Looks like there is going to be alot of change expected in the new year, and all for the better.  That being said, I find that my creativity is coming back in waves.  Somedays, creative works seem to take no effort.  Other days, well I may as well be bashing my head against a brick wall.  As my health begins to slowly get better, my drive and determination to follow through with my career path becomes stronger.  I am hoping to go to school full time next year and I am truly excited about that.  It will be by distance for sometime, but it will give me a good starting platform.  Finally completing my BAs will show myself that I can accomplish large goals, a feeling that I've been stripped of these last few years.  And the further down this road I travel, the more I begin to feel like myself, a free spirited, soft spoken writer.  A self that I had lost for some time.  I am glad that I found the path after stumbling through thick forests and mucky swamps.
© 2012 S. Stevens