Good morning on this cold and snowy day.  Perfect day to curl up in the den and write the day away.  This past week has been a juggling act.  Not only did I get an article published, but I also landed a great full time gig with  After writing over 50 designer biographies, some of which are on the site now, I have moved into writing product descriptions, which I love.  It can be a great challenge and test of your writing skills trying to describe a product to a potential consumer, while making it sound intriguing, passionate and charismatic.  That being said I have enough work to keep me busy for weeks and I am loving every moment of it.

So between balancing writing, house chores, spending time with my husband, my dogs ensuring I spend time with them, and getting out of the house and away from the computer, I caved and finally started a schedule.  Now I have designated writing times and not feel so swamped and stressed.  I even started doing accounting, tracking what I make and where with my freelance work.  I was doing better than I thought.  I am excited that I am getting into the tempo of this.  Apart from the fact that I still work a couple of days a week with my full time job, a full time freelance writing life is getting closer to my grasp.  It sucks that school is still up in the air, but with the money I earn writing now, I will be better off paying for small things like text books, and my brain will already be in the mindset of writing all the time.  It took a surprisingly long time to remember what that felt like and how to do it.  You definitely have to develop mental stamina and overcome a great deal of procrastination and laziness.  At least, I did.  That being said, I am writing my blog while I drink my morning coffee in my PJs :).  Once this is done, I'll get ready for work.  I have about 20-40 product descriptions to write today, depending on how long my brain holds out.  Once again, as soon as I'm in the groove I can type all day long.

By the way, can anyone recommend any great music to listen to while you write?  I'm not big on silence while I write and my music selection is getting old.  I'm just looking for some fresh stuff.  I love all kinds of music, so suggest away in the comments box below.

But right now, as promised, onto discussing tenses.  Tense is simply defined as when the action of a verb occurs.

Present Tense

Describes an action or event occurring now, can indicate a habitual action, and a general truth.

Tom is eating now.
I live here.
Home is where the heart is.

Past Tense

Describes an event that happened in the past but did not progress into the present.

I worked at a park during the summer.

Future Tense

Describes an event that hasn't happen yet but is expected to occur sometime after the statement.

I have soccer after school.

This was a quick introduction into tenses and next week we will get into perfect and progressive tenses.

If anyone would like a topic covered in the future or have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.  Also, if I make any mistakes, please point them out, I'm still learning too and welcome any kind of pointers, corrections and criticisms.

© 2013 S. Stevens

Lutz, Gary and Diane Stevenson. Writer's Digest Grammar Desk Reference. Cincinnati: Writer's Digest Books, 2010. Print.
Hey, everyone.  Had to announce my first published article on Stack News.  I'm very excited and hope to follow it up with many more.

My First Published Article