Good morning.  Another week of busily writing away.  Got a ton of product descriptions done, but I feel that I could use a good thesaurus and dictionary.  I learned that my vocabulary has become severely limited over the years.  Perhaps I should take a lesson from my childhood and read a compendium of encyclopedias.

That being said, I did enjoy myself, as I always do writing product descriptions.  And writing a large number of them was an exciting challenge, especially given how much I learned about fashion and clothing.  I have to say I have a new appreciation for designer clothes, although that appreciation may not make my wallet very happy.  The amount of artistry and care that goes into designing clothes is astounding.  And learning some of the backgrounds of the top designers in the world was interesting.  Most started from humble beginnings and as their art grew, fabric became their canvas.  I always admire extremely artistic people, because in a way there is an art in everything we do.  Some people just have that gift to go the extra mile with their art and actually make money off of what they love doing.

In saying that, let's discuss progressive tenses.

Past-Progressive Tense

Indicates a past action that occurs at the same time another past action takes place.

I was eating breakfast when the phone rang.

Present-Progressive Tense

Conveys a sense of something happening right now.

I am swimming

Progressive tenses are formed with the present participle, which always ends in -ing.

Short and sweet for today.  Have a great weekend everyone.

If anyone would like a topic covered in the future or have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly.  Also, if I make any mistakes, please point them out, I'm still learning too and welcome any kind of pointers, corrections and criticisms.

© 2013 S. Stevens

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