Good day, everyone.  My apologizes for not posting last week.  These past couple of weeks have been crazy busy, and I'm loving it.  The bit of time I get to sit down, well usually it's to crash and sleep.  My product description work for is keeping me occupied and I am loving every moment of it.  It is a great challenge for me and my mental stamina has definitely increased.

This week I want to do something different.  In the past, I have heard my blog called "The Writing Knob", "The Writing Nub", you get the picture.  So I want to talk about the word Noob, it's origins, and meanings, as best as I can.

I chose the word noob as I happen to be an avid gamer.  Well I was, I find less and less time for that kind of stuff now.  Either way, it was a word I came across regularly while playing MMOs and fellow players often spat the word at each other in jest.  So, I chose it to include in my title partially because of my love of video games, and partially because well I am a noob to the world of writing, blogging and starting up my own business.

The meaning of noob can be somewhat of a grey area.  It is often referred to a slang for someone who is new to something.  It can be quite the derogatory term if used so, hinting that someone is new at a skill and is too stupid to learn how to do it properly.  It also refers to the person's ignorance of that skill.

Being the optimist that I am, I take noob as an endearing term.  I am ignorant to the world of self-employment, self-study and the courage and skill it takes to tackle a big industry.  But I am learning, and I have learned many rough lessons and exciting new skills.  One crucial lesson is not slacking off even though I work at home.  I have no boss, no one to yell at me when I slack off, but when I reach the end of a day and haven't accomplished anything, well that's worse then being yelled at.  I still have my full-time job and I am trying to balance the two, but I am making the transition to working at home slowly.  And then there is not over working myself, making myself break for lunch and playtime with the pups.  I take the time to exercise everyday, even if it's just for a bit, after all you can't keep a sharp mind if you are out of shape.  And making time for my family and friends is always the priority.  Even bad habits that I used to have like sleeping in and just lounging around have gone by the wayside, replaced by the rewarding sense of accomplishment.

So, yes, I am a noob, but I am curing my ignorance each and everyday.  And with everyday, comes new challenges and lessons learned.  For all of you out there, remember that as life changes, don't be afraid of tackling your dreams.  Do what you love and the money will come.  And don't listen to those who say there is no validity in your dreams, chances are they aren't living theirs.  It's amazing how living your dream can change your life.

So now that I've gone off on a rant and gotten that off my chest, I am proud to call myself a noob.  And maybe one day, when I feel I have risen above being a noob, perhaps then I will change my title.  And maybe I won't.

Have a fantastic weekend, dear readers.  And next week I'll pick back up on the grammar.

©2013 S. Stevens