Hi, everyone.  I am looking for original photos and works of art to showcase on my blog.  With the emphasis of blogs being focused more and more on the visual aspect, as well as content, I am looking to incorporate more pictures into my weekly posts.  And my skills are pretty limited.  I figured you've all stuck with me this long, reading my gripes and encouraging my progress, so I want to pay it back in kind.

So I am inviting you, my readers, to submit any work to me that you would like displayed.  I will ensure that you receive full credit for your piece and it will be copyrighted to you.  All rights will remain with you, the artist.  I will contact you the week that it is to be displayed with the link to the page, so you can promote your work as well.

Also, any of you that are writers that would like any written works, short stories or poems promoted, contact me as well.  I am all for promoting the skills and talents of my fans, after all, like I said, you've all stuck with me!! :)

Contact me using the contact page above, letting me know that you will like to submit an original piece of your work, what you are looking to have showcased, and the theme or topic of the piece you would like displayed.  I will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your submission.

Please be sure it's an original piece, I will be checking.  And be advised, I reserve the right to refuse submissions if I deem that they are not appropriate (i.e.. racist, pornographic, plagiarized, hateful content, spam, etc..).  If you use a model, be sure to receive their permission to have their picture on the site, I will ask.

Good Morning, Noob-fans!!!  A nice, quick lesson for this morning.  And remember, if you are interested in signing up for my monthly newsletter, the first edition is out next friday, so sign up soon, using the contact page here on my blog.  It's sure to be full of announcements, any news, helpful tidbits for any budding freelance writers, etc..  Don't miss an issue :)

Today, I will be going over commas setting off sentence-ending participial phrases.  That's just a fancy way to say adding information to bulk up your sentence using a comma.  For example:

Both women chose not to dress up fancy to welcome their old friend home, instead they opted to keep their outfits simple.

As you can see, after the comma the amplifying information added to the overall flow of the sentence.  I could have made the bit after the comma a new sentence, however, commas add a nice pause to sentences, and create an elegant flow, instead of a dead stop that the period represents.  And just in case you hadn't noticed, I tend to be a huge fan of the comma, and the versatility of it as punctuation. :)

That's it for today, folks.  Nice and easy, the perfect way to usher in the weekend, which I'm hoping is going to be nice and sunny.  The constant rain that has chased me inside, is depressing.  Although, my lawn is greening up nicely, and my lilacs are finally starting to wake up.  And, the swan photo above is just a reminder to those still stuck in the snow, you know who you are, spring is on it's way. :)

Have a great weekend and I look forward to next friday, and the first issue of my newsletter.

If anyone would like a topic covered in the future or have any questions feel free to contact me using the form on the contact page.  Also, if I make any mistakes, please point them out, I'm still learning too and welcome any kind of pointers, corrections and criticisms.

© 2013 S. Stevens

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