Good morning, everyone.  How is everyone doing?  I am currently hiding in my den, listening to japanese anime soundtracks, hiding away from the pending storm that's supposed to be on it's way.  School is going well.  I just received my first couple of assignments back.  I was somewhat disappointed at my marks, bother averaging in the 70s, and the stupid mistakes that I had made.  One was mostly punctuation errors, lack of details and not recognizing a couple of rhetorical devices; the other was a couple of misused words and more punctuation errors.  I was fairly upset, and am feeling slightly stressed.  I also saw the irony between my blog and my most common errors on my assignments; punctuation errors should not be something I do.

However, my husband was excited and happy about my marks, and when he noticed my disappointment, promptly informed me not to get discouraged and work harder.  I love his direct approach.

Yesterday I spent the day with a friend, and she was also excited about my marks.  When I told her I was upset, she gave me fantastic advice.  The 70s is a great place to start, so when I progress it will look and feel even better.  And not to worry, I will progress and get back into the swing of things.  Had I gotten 90s on my first assignments, I would've gotten cocky and slacked off.  Made sense to me, thanks for that advice.

On the bright side, I now know what an onomatopoeia is.  I still struggle with recognizing similes and metaphors, however.  I had the same problem in high school.  I register them when I read them, but I always fail to pick them out when I analyze a piece of literature.  Does anyone have any advice about similes and metaphors?

It is nice to be writing in a more formal academic fashion again.  Where I worked before, the writing that was accepted was at a grade 8 level; occasionally more formal writing was seen, but it was very rare.  I am enjoying brushing the dust off and flexing my mind.

On that note, dear readers, time for school work.  I'll leave you with a photo I took last week.  The sun was bright, the weather warm and the beach was calling.  So I took to the streets take some wonderful photos.

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