After completing a psychology quiz today I am finding it hard to compose anything. In fact, I've been like this all week.  I attribute this to barely studying any english this week, and focusing on completing another unit in psychology. That being said, next week I'll probably be tired of writing since I'll be working on my final paper for my prose class, and studying like mad for my upcoming exam in a week and a half. Looking at my calendar with nothing but notes and scribbles on it outlining my many tasks to do, I feel slightly over-whelmed. But I remind myself why I am going to school, and I take some time to listen to some of my favourite music and create a picture.

Yes, this is what I come up with when I have a couple of hours to myself, and am listening to heavy metal :). And now I am going to let my brain recover, maybe do some light studying later. Cheers, everyone.

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