Hello, everyone. I have been somewhat preoccupied with school as of late. My preference for formal language is starting to permeate everything I write...

Yeah, ok enough of that :). I have been busy with final papers, and exams, but I am having a blast. I am finally able to start doing research, and spend hours pouring over scholarly journals, and prestigious books. Needless to say, some of the papers that I have been writing, I have more notes than actual words in the paper. And I am finding that some of my useless knowledge is coming in handy.

On top of school, I am still editing, and I am getting the chance to work with two amazing authors. One is already a published author, and I am getting the privilege to work on her second book, and the other author is a young girl that is talented beyond compare. I am truly enjoying working with both.

I had an epiphany the other day. I chose my last career, because I wanted to change the world. I rarely got the chance, and it was disheartening for me. When I chose to change my career to writing and editing, changing the world was part of it. Look at the greats, Shakespeare, Hemingway, etc..(there are more than I can conjure up names for at this point). They changed the world with words, and I realized, I may never write a masterpiece, but whats not to say that I won't encourage or assist the next great. My dream may be a long shot, but I don't think so. Everything we do has a ripple effect. For example, I edit a book, the author publishes the book, the reader is inspired to write, and maybe they write something that changes the world...who knows. I guess I'll change the world through association. After all, it is better to change the world through words, rather than try to change it with force. But maybe that's my optimistic nature in a nut shell!

Well, dear readers. This was a nice chance to get my thoughts down in an informal manner. I will try to keep this side of my writing alive as much as possible. Cheers.

© 2013 S. Stevens