Good morning. Another friday is here, and another crazy week down for me. Other than a couple of exams coming up, I am done school till January, but in January the real work begins. In order for me to reach the deadline for my school funding, I have to be able to have my degree done by January 2017. Doesn't sound too bad, right? Well let's just say that next year will comprise of 5 courses each semester, and then after that it'll be 6 courses a semester!!! I'm slightly intimidated by the workload, but all of the hard work that I have been doing up till now has been to prepare me for this. I have a set schedule in place, I have plans for meals and other house chores that need to be done regularly, and I have the support of a loving family, and the best of friends. With all of that pushing me, and my desire to graduate and get a school ring spurring me on....I say BRING IT!!!! I know that I can maintain my B+ average, and even raise it before graduation. This is what I do, this is what I'm all about.

Unfortunately, my writing, blogging, and editing work will be on pause till I am finished school. I will be finishing up the books that I am currently editing, and then I'll be all about school. I am so grateful to the people of RedemptionHouse Publishing for believing in me, and supporting me this whole time, and for their understanding and support of my decision to commit all my time solely to school for now. And to all of the authors that I have worked with, I will be keeping my eyes open for any future books. All my best to all of you with your future writing.

Regarding my blog, I will try and post once in a while, like I had said before, because it keeps my writing flexible. A writer can not solely write academically, and hope to maintain their creative writing. That being said, I can't wait till my senior level writing courses, because it is all about creative writing. But I need at least a B average to get into those, so lots of hard work is needed in the meantime. :)

To my fellow writers, keep writing, and I'll always be cheering for you, support when you need it, and an ear when your stuck.  And to all of those chasing a dream, keep dreaming, keep chasing, you never know where that passion, that dream, will lead you. Take care, everyone.

© 2013 S. Stevens