Good mooring, everyone. It's a dark and rainy day, and I'm sick with my first bad cold in...forever, but I am still feeling spiffy and optimistic. I am working my ass off getting two courses done by the end of this month, which means that I have probably read over a thousand pages this week about professional ethics and critical thinking. Oddly, apart from being exhausted every night, a bookworm like me is thriving in the mad dash of school work. At times I allow my mind to daydream, but it is very healthy for you, and I imagine that there are tons of little overworked secretaries running around in my head trying to file all of the new things that I am learning!!! They are all over energized on coffee, have frazzled hair, runs in their stockings, and have neatly put their heels by their desks because their feet are killing them, so now they are just running around bare foot clinging to files that constantly have papers flying out of them! Ok...maybe I need a day off! :)

On top of that I'm still writing articles for my university newspaper and I'm still keeping up my digital art which keeps my brain well rounded, just like my blog writing. And I still find time to spend with my family, who are very understanding when I zone out!

So here is the latest edition of Voice magazine:

And I thought that I'd add in the link to my deviant art page incase anyone would like to check out my digital art:

Now it's back to reading about ethics today, and maybe some adventuring out to pick up office supplies. I still can't believe how fast I go through pens and highlighters!