Just a quick post for today. It seems like I have more to do than may be slightly humanly possible. Not only am I scrabbling to get school work done, but I also have house chores to keep up and preparations for winter to do. But given that I live in a small community where it seems like no one sleeps, people seem to be working or busy all day long, maybe I can learn from them.

It is said that people here hardly age, and statistically chronic diseases in this area are really low. I can definitely see why. I feel overwhelmed trying to do everything with school, the house, exercise...life in general, yet to the people here they seem to be able to do all of that without batting an eyelash. The weird part is, no one seems stressed here. They are up at the crack of dawn (or before dawn for this time of year), people walk or cycle everywhere (even in bad weather), and the town doesn't quiet down till late into the night. I guess what I'm getting at is that the people here seem to be able to embrace every second of a day and make it count. Perhaps that's the secret, not dwelling on what needs to be done and focusing on what didn't get done, but just doing what needs to get done. Then when what needs to get done, is done, then you can relax. And all through this it is necessary to maintain a focus and vigour that sometimes seems impossible in this day and age where distraction and stress goes hand in hand with the modern technical life.


It's a couple of hours later and I was able to spend some time with like minded individuals. I found that it is not just the people in this area that seem to be untouched with the rhythms of the rest of the civilized world, but it is the area itself.

Let me explain...I have travelled a lot, and occasionally I come across a place that is able to combine the old and new ways of life, embrace change while holding to tradition, and be the most productive of cultures. Yet it is not only the people in the area that express that attitude. The very air and earth is saturated with these ideals, even the animals seem to go about their business without disturbance. There is a sense of harmony, but progress at the same time.

Like I said, after seeing several places in the world, I have only experienced a few places like this. Places that encourage work as much as play, conformity as much an individuality. For a unusual soul like mine, it is places like this that hold my attention...and heart. These places seem to forgo the typically day to day energy that can be felt in some places and harness a rhythm that touches some people to the core. I have been in almost two dozen countries around the world (although still a small amount by some standards) and I have only found three places like the ones I am describing. Not countries per say, I'm talking about smaller towns and regions that seem to understand what it means to work hard, play hard, and connect with your fellow man and nature at the same time. The weird part is, is that out of these three, only one has been a mostly English community. To me that proves that language attributes to only a small part of the overall life experience. In addition, these places seem as comfortable outside as they are with inside comforts, in fact there seems little difference.

After a spending over a decade in a place that shuns unique personalities and people that have less than mainstream ideals, I am lucky enough to be living in a place that encourages these things for most of the year, and the rest of the year I spend in a place that welcomes all people as they are, regardless of their attributes that set them apart.

I guess all in all I have found the homes that my soul has been seeking for three decades. Places where I am free to express myself as a creative person and as a writer. Places where I can dress eccentrically when I feel like it, and conservatively when I am feeling less than exuberant about my idiosyncrasies. Yet it is in these places that I write the best, feel the best, and feel rooted and happy and not judged.

Maybe I am looking at these places with rose coloured glasses, but for someone like me that has a hard time relating to people, it is places like this where my stomach doesn't wretch at the idea of going in public, or shying away from talking to people in general. I still may keep to myself, as is my nature, but I don't feel nauseous when I step out of the door. For me to feel so comfortable in a place, to me that is a big deal.

Therefore, I guess what I am getting at, is that any success that I achieve while I am living here is not simply attributed to my writing skills. I think by tapping into the energy, nay the rhythm here, that my writing will begin to flow more naturally, and with that, my work, school, and chores will ebb and flow with the rhythms here that permeate the very atoms in the air. Nothing will be judged, nothing will be scolded, just accepted, learned from, and moved forward.

Then again, maybe in short, I just found a place that my muse approves of :)

All of that being said, I was ecstatic when I was given the chance to review a new single of a band that I adore. Here is the link to Bastille's new single "Flaws" which happens to be on my personal playlist: http://www.voicemagazine.org/articles/columndisplay.php?ART=9987, and coincidentally happened to come up while writing this at a 1:2000 chance :)

As well, I got a bit of promotion from the band Sleepy Hahas, that shared the article that I had written about them with their fans, which is shared below. It was a really sweet thing to do, and I hope the article gained them more exposure and more fans. They truly are great musicians.Post by Sleepy Hahas.

Well as the evening darkens with rain rolling in from the horizon, I think it is time to refocus my brain and rest up for the task of writing term papers tomorrow. So that means...yup you guessed it...video games :)