Stupid Fate and Her Dastardly Plans

Hi everyone.  I hope that you have all been well.  I have been busy with so much transition in my life over the last six months.  Unfortunately my blog fell by the wayside as much of my focus was devoted to school work, article writing, and settling into my new house.  In addition to all of that I had appointments daily while I made the transition from my previous career into this one.  But I am now happy to say that I can fully give all of my attention to my writing and schoolwork.  However, it turned out that fate decided to throw me one last curve ball before I thrust my entire being into my new role as a writer.

Last night I went to bed excited to get back on track with school and even decided to start a 100 day writing challenge.  I spent yesterday updating my resume and organizing my portfolio, excited to start my Thursday.  As I drifted off to sleep I thought about how I was going to wake up early and work out, complete my writing challenge for the day, and spend the day immersed in academic bliss.  Those thoughts gave me a very restful sleep.

But when I woke with a headache that can only be described as apocalyptic, sinuses so stuffy that I swear tiny gnomes built a dam inside my head, a fever that makes the heat on the Sinai pale in comparison, and a sensitivity to light that would rival a vampire's I realized that I had finally succumbed to the dreaded seasonal flu.  Needless to say all of my grand plans for the day fluttered away in the snow-populated wind that is currently ripping around my house, howling with laughter as if it knew Fate's plans.

So, dear readers, I hope that tomorrow I will have something more substantial here, as I am hoping to share my challenges here daily.  In the meantime feel free to check out this weeks issue of The Voice Magazine and my article covering Yes Nice's latest single.

As well for those that might be interested in doing a 100 day writing challenge check it out here.

Cheers till tomorrow!!


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