Hello, dear readers.  I spent a good deal of time Friday morning reworking my blog in an attempt to make it look more streamlined and user-friendly.  I still have a few bugs to work out, but what do you think?  Any suggestions?

I had every intention of one day changing the title, but now I don't think I will.  Perhaps the title is a touch immature, but for those of you that know me maybe you can attest to how fitting the title is.  I may know more than I knew yesterday, and tomorrow I will know more than I did today, but I'll never stop learning and I will never stop being a noob.  I think that the day that I declare that I am no longer a noob to writing is the day that I stop learning anything, and no good can come from that.  That would be the day that I will have doomed myself, for to live well we must continue to learn new things everyday because that is how we grow.  Maybe I'm channelling Socrates and his views about wisdom and education, but that is what I firmly believe.  Therefore, I declare that I will never change the name of my blog, as I will never stop learning and being a noob.

So that is my challenge for you, dear readers.  Learn something new everyday.  It doesn't have to be anything major.  Learn about a new musician or artist, learn a new skill, learn sometime new about the town you live in...anything!!  I am still amazed at how good it feels to learn about something new.  Learning changes how you see the world around you, and how you interact with your world.  That may sound funny, but I just moved to a place where I don't speak the language and while I work on learning the language, I am using what I know about body language and social cues to interact with people.  As I learn to speak the language, the world around me begins to expand as I am more able to participate in it.

Although, as I have learned, don't overdo it.  I have reached my saturation point may times, and once I get to that point any additional information that I try to cram into my head just gets lost along the way.

It's funny...I didn't intend to go off on a rant about learning today, but as I contemplated about the title of my blog the words just flowed.  I am currently reading The Last Unicorn and I love the magician Schmendrick.  He states on a couple of occasions that he is just a conduit for the magic, and that he doesn't control it and the magic does as it wills.  I think it is very much the same for writing and other forms of art.  Many times if I sit back passively and don't attempt to control the words, they just come pouring out.  I had hoped to write my piece for the first prompt in the writing challenge, but we will see how tomorrow goes.

I am now off to work on a painting that I had an idea for late one night.  If I like how it turns out maybe I'll put a picture of it on here.  Until next time feel free to check out my latest article: Eddie Cohn.  I love a couple of the songs on Eddie's latest album.