I finally got to it. My day one response to the writing challenge is complete. I had to do it today. I spent the morning trying to write academic papers only to find that I was thinking creatively, not academically. Atleast now I should be more prepared to delve into academic writing tomorrow.

For those of you who don't know, I expressed my interest in doing a 100 Day Writing Challenge in a previous entry. I realize that I may not be able to do one a day, and it may take me longer that 100 days, but I plan to work through them all. Next year in university I begin my creative writing portion of my studies, so I hope that this will help me clear the academic created cobwebs, as it were, and begin to think creatively more often.

The prompts for day one focus on describing the current location that you find yourself in, and here is what I came up with. Enjoy!

        I currently find myself in my home office, which the previous owners had used as a bedroom. The penciled lines marking a growth chart on the moulding around the closet door is a dead give away that a child once used this room, and I can see why. The walls are a bright blue that remind me of the bluest sky only seen on those really crisp winter days and you can see the blue between the clouds, the sky on a day like today.
I glance at the sky through the three massive windows that dominate the outside wall of the room. Through them I can see the park that occupies a city block across the street from the house, where it appears like the locals are never content to stay inside. They are either engrossed in an intense hockey game at the local outdoor rink, or they are enjoying the snow covered hills, walkways, and playground equipment that are dotted amongst the trees. The cold of the outside is obvious with every breath that the skaters blow out, as even from here I can still see the soft clouds of frozen breath as the skaters glide effortlessly across the rink. And although I am toasty warm in my room, with my feet delicately resting on the baseboard heater, the cold still finds its way into my finger joints requiring me to stop often and flex out their stiffness.
Yet, however warm I find myself it pales in comparison to the slumbering old dog behind me who is snoring away, either oblivious to the loud music radiating from my small desktop speakers or so used to the noise that she finds it oddly comforting. The distinct smell of the room is the result of her twenty three hour a day nap, leaving the room smelling roughly like a fully inhabited barn, a smell that I am thankfully used to and unable to smell any longer.
The other dog occasionally visits me in my home office, nudging my leg with the side of his face, routinely checking the view through the windows, and pads off silently with a dog toy that he retrieves from the milk crate in the closet behind me.
The closet is more of a re-appropriated space containing half started art projects, odds and ends, dwindling office supplies all sprawled out on wire shelves. Looming over the mess are my favourite clothes hung in an equally messy way. In fact, every aspect of the room is in a state of perpetual disarray.
From the boxes of books cleverly covered with a black blanket, to the rarely played instruments resting patiently in the corner, to the book shelves crammed with various books on equally various and obscure topics standing sentry on either side of the vast windows. 
The brown pressboard book shelves are the centre of creative and intellectual activity in the room, books ranging from mythology to psychology, cooking to poetry, and there are even books that have yet to be read because they are in Chinese and Russian. Atop the bookshelves rest various figurines and momentous used as references to create settings, characters, and monsters.
And here I sit at my desk, between the sentries with buckling frames desperately clinging to their innards, facing the world outside the windows. The desk is contrastingly perfectly organized and functional, like it is the black sheep of the furniture in the home office. Everything in its place, everything readily available, and everything purposeful…everything except the solar powered plastic plant that begins to wiggle up and down at the first sign of the sun creeping over of the houses that inhabit the world outside of the ever present windows.

I have to say that this was difficult and fun. The constraining 500 words was a challenge because I have a tendency to go overboard when writing descriptions. Even with restraint I still went over the word limit :). Can you tell that descriptive writing is one of my favourite things to do? I know one thing that I have to work on is word conservation, that is saying a lot with as little words as possible. That is probably the most important thing that I remember from The Element of Style, and book that I highly recommend every writer to have in their arsenal of reference books. It is relatively cheap, and although many people say that the book is outdated, I have yet to find anything that compares.

Well time to wrap it up for today. My noggin feels happily restored and I can feel the creative tendencies blissfully content for now, allowing the academic side to flex and power up for a day of essays and quizzes.

And be sure to stay tuned for Day 2 of the Writing Challenge.