Well it's snowing, cold and I am sitting bundled up inside working on some art projects today. That brought me to writing my day 2 challenge. I was eager to write this one when I first read it, and I hope you'll enjoy what I came up with:

Shit!!! It finally happened! The zombie invasion has begun! I’m trapped in my home office and no where near the bug out bag I had prepared. 
Think, think, I say out loud. My dogs who are growling at the door quickly look at me with concern and fear in their eyes. I hadn’t planned on taking them with me, but I guess nothing goes according to plan. Luckily I have extra leashes and collars in here. Those will come in handy, and I even grab one of the toys saved for outside play. Never know when a rock hard kong attached to a rope will come in handy.
Looking around I notice that I have three bags in the closet. One is a backpack, one is a messenger bag that can be slung across the shoulder, and the other is a small hand held bag.
While I’m in the closet I may as well start tossing as many clothes on as I can. Luckily I have a variety of scarves that I can easily wrap around me. It’s mid-winter outside and I am not dressed to be outside. Pajamas are hardly warm, but thankfully my slippers have a hard sole. They are better than bare feet.
I notice at the bottom of the closet some herbs that I had dried and had intended to use when I was interested in Herbal medicine. Some of these will definitely come in handy. What do I grab next?
I fling open the doors to the cupboard. The large curved blade that I used to cut fresh cooking herbs is in there, that will definitely come in handy. I open the large trunk and grab the quilt in there. I will definitely need that, and it can be rolled up small.
Moving to the book shelves I notice my twin throwing knives on top. I grab those and I spot the cheap sugar candy that I had bought for the box and decide that those may save my life at some point. I grab my small plant reference books, local hiking guide complete with maps, and my favourite novel The Jungle Books. Everything else is useless now.
On my desk is a small notebook, pencils, and my smartphone. Those are definitely coming. Phone may be useless, but I would hate to never have music again. I start to divide everything between the bags, and I spot my snowshoes. I know where I am headed and I may need those.
I grab my small guitar amp and smash it through the ground floor window. The dogs leap out onto the street, and just as I am about to jump through the window I notice my St. Christopher pendant hanging off the shelf by the window. I slip it on and leap out the window.

Hope you enjoyed this one. I really liked it because it forced me to see what was around me in a different light. I mean really if something like this happened and you had only a few minutes to decide and pick what was on hand, that would be tough. Now onto prompt 3!!!