Good morning, dear readers.  I realize that it has been a long time since I have written anything.  Now that I am moving into writing the final papers for all of my courses, I find that I need that bit of writing time first thing in the morning to get my head warming up a muscle.

In truth, I am feeling inspired to write lately.  But, as a writer, especially with my blog and music review articles, I never really gave much thought about how I would feel when people began to read my stuff.  I always hoped to attract readers, but I always felt somewhat anonymous, something a shy person like me relishes.  But then I realized that many people that I knew read my blog and the feelings I experienced shocked me.  I felt a mixture of excitement and embarrassment whenever someone would say that they read or have read my blog.  "What a funny way to feel," I would think to myself, so I had to examine why.

Obviously, I was excited that people were taking time out of their days to read something that I had written and posted on the internet.  I was also excited because as my skills grow I hope to continue to write engaging material.  However, the embarrassed feeling surprised me.  First off, I really prefer not being the centre of attention, and a compliment only draws attention to me, but that wasn't why I felt embarrassed in this case.  Writing, like all other art forms, is like taking a part of yourself and putting it on display for the whole world to see.  When someone tells me that they read my blog or articles then that person is privy to a glimpse into my mind and soul, a side that I can only express through my art.  So as touched and happy as I am that someone, especially someone that I know personally, reads what I write, I am always surprised at the vulnerability that I feel.

That leads me to thinking about writing books.  I could only imagine that if one day I publish one of my stories how it will feel.  The excitement of being published and the agony of being open to scrutiny.

Yet, despite these fears I will never stop writing, because it is not something that I just do, writing is something that I have to do.

So with that in mind, I am off to work on my term papers and strive on writing the best possible material I can, not because of the marks, but because this is what I do, so why not do it well.