Have you ever questioned your goals? I mean like really stepped back and examined your goals closely enough that you can say that without a doubt the path you are on is where you are meant to be?

This past weekend a simple honest question made me take a step back and ask myself that last question. I was having dinner with an acquaintance that I hadn't seen for almost a decade. When I explained to her that as I finish my degree I will be working towards my professional certificate so that I can confidently inform employers that I can write copy, proposals, grants, technical manuals, and science papers. She asked me, "You actually want to do that?" which I interpreted as what I had just described to her sounded awfully boring. That may not have been her intention, but it was such an honest question about my goals that I had been asked since I started my journey as a writer that it made me think about it for the next few days. Obviously my automatic response was "Yes I do!" but afterwards I began seriously thinking about it.

After some intense thought I realized that without realizing it, by following the path that I am, I am fulfilling the promise that I made to myself when I began my journey as a writer. When I realized a few years ago that I had a talent that was being squandered and suppressed I had two choices: continue to ignore it and spend a lifetime snuffing out any creative impulse I may have, or acknowledge it and allow it to take me down a rushing current of creative inspiration. Obviously I chose the latter. However, I couldn't just write for myself, so I decided to use my talent to help others. I decided that with my skill I can give a voice to those that may not be able to put their thoughts into words, I can spread news about amazing new artists and musicians who find themselves buried under an avalanche of competition and red tape, and I can share in the developments and discoveries of others and help them bring their findings to the world. These may sound like lofty goals, but in reality these are the things that I can achieve with the qualifications that I am working on.

However, as good as my intentions may be, understand that I still intend to use my skills to earn a living. But whenever I can spare the time and resources, I will be more than happy to work for free on noble causes and endeavours.

Perhaps the only time I intend to use my writing for myself will be when I finally get around to writing my book, which is still in the very early planning stages. One day!!!

Well, dear readers, as I sit in my office this morning, sipping my coffee and watching the newly risen sun pierce its rays through the trees, I feel reinvigorated and am prepared to tackle my schooling for the day.