On Sunday a very dear friend of mine parted from this world. She was a grumpy and temperamental soul with the occasional sweet side that few ever saw. She could be a little demanding and stubborn at times, but she was always there when you needed comfort. She rarely listened to anyone, and could be bought with the tiniest morsel of food, but she was a devoted guardian, protector, and companion to those she deemed as her family. She was a 60+ pound black lab mutt, and after over a decade of having her in our lives, her departure has left a hole in our household.

It has been a hard week to get any writing or work done. It took me hours to write my music review article on monday, a task that usually only takes an hour or two at most. But as the week has gone on, the days have been getting easier. I have been thinking over the full and wonderful life that my old dog lived, and how when it was her time to go she went happily and with a goofy grin on her face. I took comfort in thought that she would finally be free from her physical pain.

Another comforting thought was how her life inspired a character for my book, and how she will live on in that character. It may seem funny that a dog inspired a character, but someday when the story is finished and ready to be read you will understand. In fact, having her as the inspiration for a very important secondary character has given me a great deal of comfort in her passing and has spurred me on to continue working hard on my studies, no matter how much my heart hurts.

I just wanted to write this today because I finally feel ready to get back into the swing of things, bury my head in the books and work like mad.