About Me

I always loved to write and communicate with others through story. In fact, I remember telling stories to anyone that would listen long before I even learned my alphabet. As I grew older, I began to learn that I had a talent for writing and that writing felt as natural to me as breathing. However, I ignored those talents and opted for a profession that I never felt right.

After almost a decade of feeling unaccomplished and unhappy with my work, I began writing again for fun. That was when something clicked. I realized that the talent that I had been ignoring was festering inside me, demanding to be utilized. So I decide that the cosmos were telling me something and I moved on to become a writer. Starting in freelance writing I set out to see if I had what it took to make a living as a writer. Since then I have published two news articles, written product descriptions for a high fashion vendor in Europe, edited a couple of children's books, taken on a few random freelance jobs, and have written several music album reviews for a magazine. In addition, I have begun a university degree in English literature and creative writing, with some psychology and philosophy tossed in for fun.

I dove in head first, and my talent and skill hasn't let me down yet. By combining my determination and ambition with the self-discipline that I learned in my former profession, I am chasing my dream of writing.

Although I am happy to write anything, in any form, one day I hope to write the story that I have been developing since I was a child (although it has morphed several times over the years), and share it with the world.


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